Thank you from your winner – Sanjib!

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I am absolutely thrilled! What a “nail-biting” end to two weeks of regular interactions in a new horizon. A big thank you for all your support and your support for all the scientists in the Drug Resistance Zone, whose primary aim is to fight against drug resistance, the multifaceted health and well-being challenge.

‘Thank you’ is not enough to all the teachers and moderators for creating such an opportunity and running the sessions smoothly when I never believed live-chat could be so easy and often stress-busting! My special thanks to all the students for engaging constructively and asking brilliant questions all round. I am reassured that all your intensely inquisitive minds, love, passion and extended hands will make global health emergencies like drug resistance appear trivial and under control in the near future.

Again, it was such great fun, honestly. In only two weeks of engagement with you and other scientists in the zone, Avril, Abid, Thom and Donna, my spirit has been uplifted! And chatting with you all, I even got some fresh ideas on how to deal with this emerging world health concern of drug resistance.

I look forward to seeing you all soon, in or outside the lab! Cheers 🙂

PS: Please also see an interview my university did with me about my IAS experience.

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