• Question: If you could vote, who would YOU pick? (note: you can't pick yourself)

    Asked by RadiantNebula75 to Abid, Donna, Sanjib, Thomas, Avril on 17 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Donna Johnson

      Donna Johnson answered on 17 Jun 2017:

      That’s a hard question! I think everyone has really good ideas!
      If I had to pick one person i think it would be Thom. It’s great to see PhD students getting involved in outreach and it’s always good to help people get into science.

    • Photo: Avril Tucker

      Avril Tucker answered on 17 Jun 2017:

      Thom is cool but I’d probably pick Donna because of what she wants to spend the money on is awesome! She wants to do Agar Art. Well impressed!