• Question: is your work accurate and can it be depended on ?

    Asked by smithyyyyyy to Abid, Donna, Sanjib, Thomas, Avril on 17 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Donna Johnson

      Donna Johnson answered on 17 Jun 2017:

      Yes. We have standard procedures to make sure things are done the same way, experiments are planned and carried out carefully as is the analysis. Its a really important part of research to document what you do, when you do it and what you found. We need our experiments to be reproducible and reliable so we take action to ensure this.

    • Photo: Avril Tucker

      Avril Tucker answered on 17 Jun 2017:

      I like to think so! I think my data is pretty tight… but I do have someone who helps me with that! I also think that it is really important to be dependable. You are only as good as your word!!