• Question: what was your weakest subject at school

    Asked by megan123 to Abid, Donna, Sanjib, Thomas, Avril on 12 Jun 2017. This question was also asked by man u suppoters.
    • Photo: Donna Johnson

      Donna Johnson answered on 12 Jun 2017:

      Art. I did it because i enjoyed it but i’m not very good at drawing, painting or anything like that really.

    • Photo: Thomas Booth

      Thomas Booth answered on 12 Jun 2017:

      French. 🙁

      Mais, j’essaie apprendre!

    • Photo: Avril Tucker

      Avril Tucker answered on 12 Jun 2017:

      Probably computing. I’m not very good with IT.
      I recently took night classes in Welsh! I was the worst in the class for 2 years!!! There are sounds that, as a Scot, I just can not make!?!

    • Photo: Sanjib Bhakta

      Sanjib Bhakta answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      PE!! and don’t ask me about those sports days, no matter how fast I ran I always came last…